My Counseling focus areas include:
  • Relationship Trauma
  • Bullying – at school, work or at home
  • Identifying and Navigating Difficult Relationships
  • Recovery from Abusive relationships
  • Establishing Power and Boundaries in relationship
  • Building Communication Skills
  • Shame
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
If you suspect your parent or partner of having Narcissism or being Narcissistic, I cannot confirm or offer a diagnosis, but I can help you navigate the impact of that kind of relationship abuse.
I also offer help and counseling for teens who may be experiencing bullying or have been bullied in the past.



I offer consultation for therapists, coaches and other professionals on workplace bullying and how to understand what it is, stop it and support others who are or have been experiencing it.

Workshops and Training:

Topics Include:

Understanding bullying from childhood through adulthood
The role of anxiety in bullying and the “protective instinct”

Narcissism and Codependency in relationship
The fundamentals of healing from a Narcissistic relationship
Boundaries and Buffers in relationship


If you would like to schedule a training for your workplace or group, please contact me.
Phone: 425-770-4200


What people are saying…

“You have really helped me make sense out of different bullying scenarios. Your expertise manifests not just in your knowledge, but in your willingness to help. Your reminder that “being a bully is not a phase” will always stand out to me. If more adults could recognize this, the world would be a better place. From clarifying myths about bullying to offering practical guidance, you have the full scope of bullying covered.”

        Danish, Anti-Bullying Advocate & Coach


“I benefited greatly from consulting with Pam on clinical issues concerning bullying in the workplace. She has a strong understanding of the issue, statistically as well as psychologically, and is insightful regarding both perspectives from the victim and the perpetrator. Pam was also helpful in providing me with additional resources to expand my learning. I appreciated her guidance in my work”

       Melissa B, Seattle Therapist


“Pam was hired to facilitate a cultural proficiency workshop on the bullying of youth and on bullying in the workplace. Her style was right on target for our needs. She researched the audience and spoke to topics directly relating to them. She created a structured, yet welcoming environment for the workshop and showed a true dedication to her assignment. We would certainly hire her again, and would recommend her for schools and organizations looking to  address bullying.”

       Sharon S, Marketing and Communication Consultant