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Freedom from Relationship Abuse
Support Group:  WAIT-LISTED

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This is a safe and supportive group for anyone actively struggling to recover from an abusive relationship or struggling with past experiences of abuse, bullying and harassment.

You are not alone and part of recovery is the recognition that others do understand that your experiences are real and true. You are not “crazy” although you may feel like there is no ground under your feet at times.

Each session we will explore specific topics such as Narcissism, Co-Dependence, Boundaries, Healthy Relationship Behaviors and much more. We’ll explore your unique and shared experiences discovering language and tools for recovery to navigate beyond your painful experiences and thrive again.

You must RSVP and Pre-screening requiredcontact Pam for more information
Cost is $25 per session –
Payment in full ($150) is due at the first session, cash, check & credit card accepted.

Bellevue Women’s Group –  Now CLOSED

*This is support group and should not be considered a substitute for therapy.  If you are interested in 1:1 therapy, please contact Pam to arrange a free 30 minute consultation.

Contact Pam at 425-770-4200 or to reserve your spot and schedule your phone screen.

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