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Bullying Basics

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Are you the target of a BULLY?

Do you dread going home or into work?
Are you targeted for criticism, often in front of your family or peers?
Are you excluded from work or family activities?
Are unreasonable demands made on you?
Do you keep trying to improve communication but nothing works?
Is your ability to function and your self esteem deteriorating?

The Myths

It’s just a personality conflict
Boys will be boys
Kids will grow out of it
There must be a reason you invited it
You need to develop a thicker skin
Some people are just tough
Proving your value will stop it
All families or workplaces are like this
You’re just being a victim

The Reality

Bullying is abuse
Men and women bully equally
Women are targeted more often than men
Adult targets are usually high performers and well liked
School bullying is pervasive
Bullying is often a factor in school related death
Boys and girls bully differently
The traumatic effects of verbal & psychological abuse are very damaging
It shatters lives and the economic effects on a family can be devastating

It is not your fault
Your feelings are normal
You did not invite the abuse

I can help you navigate the confusion
and thrive again.